Hall of Fame - Inductee Detail

Marshall "Ma" Newell

Marshall "Ma" Newell


  • Position: Tackle
  • School: Harvard
  • High School: Exeter, NH (Phillips Exeter Academy)
  • Years: 1890-1893
  • Inducted: 1957
  • Place of Birth: Clifton, NJ
  • Date of Birth: Apr 02, 1871
  • Place of Death: Springfield, MA
  • Date of Death: Dec 24, 1897
  • Height: 5-7
  • Weight: 168

Member Biography

Marshall Newell was a deeply sensitive man, a compassionate fellow of heart and understanding in complete contrast to the ferocity with which he played the game of football. Off the field, Newell was called "Ma" because he made a practice of taking lonely underclassmen under his wing and helping them through the difficulties of adjusting to college life. On the field, the slightly-built 168-pound Newell was a fooler. He had a lion's heart and determination. He was known for his tremendous leg-drive and steel-trap grip in tackling enemy runners and he was the first of Harvard's great linemen, a four- year All-America selection despite his lack of physical size. Newell loved the outdoors and became a knowledgeable amateur naturalist during his years at Harvard. Following graduation, Newell refused to ignore the call to nature. He took a job as a track inspector for the Boston-Maine Railroad, enjoying the wide open spaces as he worked the line. Ironically, his job cost him his life. He was fatally injured when struck by a locomotive during his rounds for the BMR.