Hall of Fame - Inductee Detail

Bobby "In Dodd We Trust" Dodd

Bobby "In Dodd We Trust" Dodd


  • Position: Coach
  • School: Georgia Tech
  • Years: 1945-1966
  • Inducted: 1993
  • Place of Birth: Galax, VA
  • Date of Birth: Nov 11, 1908
  • Place of Death: Athens, GA
  • Date of Death: Jun 21, 1988

Member Biography

Robert Lee "Bobby" Dodd was a winner all the way. He was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame as a player in 1959, as a coach in 1993. Dodd was Tennessee's quarterback from 1928-30, a smart game-breaker who always had the winning play. Against Florida in 1930 he got his teammates in a huddle and told them about a play he had used in high school. When the ball was snapped, it was placed on the ground unattended. The players ran in one direction. Then the center returned, picked up the ball, and waltzed to the winning touchdown. Tennessee's 3-year record with Dodd was 27-1-2. Tennessee fans had a motto: "In Dodd we trust." He worked 14 years as assistant to Bill Alexander at Georgia Tech 1931-44 and was head coach for 22 years from 1945-66, then director of athletics from 1967-76, and, finally, alumni fund raiser. His coaching record was 165-64-8. In the seasons 1946 through 1956, Dodd was in eight bowl games and won them all. He had a relaxed style. Furman Bisher, in the Atlanta Journal, called it "a kind of unbrusing football other coaches wouldn't understand...with runty halfbacks and lightweight linemen." Georgia Tech teams were flashy ball handlers. Sportswriters called it "Hot Magic." Frank Broyles, who played for Dodd, coached with him, and became a great head coach at Arkansas, said Dodd "had a mystique that was far above the average." He died June 21, 1988, at age 79, having served Georgia Tech 57 years. A citation from Georgia Tech alumni said he "represented the best of the Georgia Tech family."