Hall of Fame - Inductee Detail

Clarence "Biggie" Munn

Clarence "Biggie" Munn


  • Position: Coach
  • School: Albright, Syracuse, Michigan State
  • Years: 1935-1953
  • Inducted: 1959
  • Place of Birth: Grow Township, MN
  • Date of Birth: Sep 11, 1908
  • Place of Death: Lansing, MI

Member Biography

Clarence Munn was a football man - captain of the Minnesota Gophers in 1931, and later, one of Michigan State's most celebrated coaches. At Minnesota, Munn was an All- American who played both guard and fullback. He weighed 215 pounds and stood just under 6-feet tall. In truth, he appeared to be anything but a sprinter, yet he could run the 100 yard dash in 10.0 seconds. Munn was lauded as a punishing lineman with the breakaway burst of a dash champion. He was also a leading punter and a tough ball carrying machine, piling up incredible yardage during his career in a Gopher uniform. After graduation, Munn entered the coaching profession and over a period of 22 years, his tours of duty included stops at Albright, Syracuse and Michigan State. As head coach at MSU from 1947 to 1953, Munn led the Spartans to an impressive 54-9-2 record. His 1951 and 1952 Green and White teams were unbeaten and earned him the highest accolades, including the American Football Coaches Association's Coach of the Year honors in 1952. A year later, Munn ended his coaching career in order to become MSU's Athletic Director. His given name was Clarence; everybody knew him by his nickname, "Biggie."