Hall of Fame - Inductee Detail

Vince "Steve" Stevenson

Vince "Steve" Stevenson


  • Position: Quarterback
  • School: Pennsylvania
  • High School: Ithaca, NY (University Preparatory School)\rBordentown, NJ (Bordentown Military Academy)
  • Years: 1904-1905
  • Inducted: 1968
  • Place of Birth: Livingston, KY
  • Date of Birth: Mar 01, 1884
  • Place of Death: Philadelphia, PA
  • Date of Death: Aug 07, 1962
  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 148

Member Biography

A featherweight quarterback at 148 pounds, Vince Stevenson possessed the heart of a battling bantam rooster, fearless yet far from reckless in his play. He possessed an innovative flair for the game, accented by a rare imagination. It was this uncommon gift for pulling off the unexpected which enabled Stevenson to lead the Quakers to a perfect 12-game record in 1904. Penn out-scored its competition, 222-4, that season, and Stevenson merited All-America recognition from the revered Walter Camp. Fifty years after his graduation, Stevenson was still being named to All-Time Penn teams. After leaving the college, Stevenson answered a call to the sea and became a crewman on trans-oceanic oil tankers. He never faltered in his fearlessness, for he laughed at German submarine threats as his ships were among the primary World War I targets of U-boat commanders. Although he was reported missing on several occasions, Stevenson proved to be a cat with nine lives, always showing up unharmed in some distant port. In 1949, Stevenson came ashore to watch the Penn-Cornell game and promptly proclaimed: "I don't like this two-platoon business." He died in 1962, still convinced the one-platoon game was the best, and the 60-minute men the "real" football players.
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