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Germany "Germany" Schulz

Germany "Germany" Schulz


  • Position: Center
  • School: Michigan
  • High School: Fort Wayne, IN (Fort Wayne HS)
  • Years: 1904-1905, 1907-1908
  • Inducted: 1951
  • Place of Birth: Fort Wayne, IN
  • Date of Birth: Apr 19, 1883
  • Place of Death: Detroit, MI
  • Date of Death: Apr 14, 1951
  • Height: 6-4
  • Weight: 245

Member Biography

Adolph "Germany" Schulz stood 6-4, weighed 245, and played center for Michigan in 1904-1905 and 1907-1908. He missed the 1906 season; he had dropped out of school because of a lack of funds. He worked in a steel mill in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and earned the money to return to college. In 1951 the National Football Foundation commissioned the Associated Press to poll the experts and pick the all-time All- America team. Schulz was named at center. He was responsible for two innovations at his position. Before Schulz, centers always sent the ball end-over-end. He invented a spiral snap. Before Schulz, centers always played in the line on defense. He dropped back, became a roving center and football's first linebacker. Michigan had a 32-4-1 record in his four seasons. Schulz served as assistant coach at Michigan, Wisconsin, Tulane, and Kansas State and one year, 1923 as head coach at Detroit. He was born April 19, 1883, in Fort Wayne and died April 14, 1951, in Detroit. Grantland Rice wrote in 1928: "Schulz stands as the fastest giant who ever played football, a human bulwark fast enough to tackle at either end, as he brought down his man after the manner of a hawk snaring a quail."