Hall of Fame - Inductee Detail

Pooley "Pooley" Hubert

Pooley "Pooley" Hubert


  • Position: Fullback
  • School: Alabama
  • High School: Meridian, MS (Meridian HS)(Wentworth Military Acad.), (Missouri Military Acad.)
  • Years: 1922-1925
  • Inducted: 1964
  • Place of Birth: Meridian, MS
  • Date of Birth: Apr 06, 1901
  • Place of Death: Waynesboro, GA
  • Date of Death: Feb 26, 1978
  • Jersey Number: 10
  • Height: 5-10
  • Weight: 190

Member Biography

His coach, Wallace Wade, called him "undoubtedly one of the greatest football players of all time," and Alabamans were still naming Allison "Pooley" Hubert to their All-Crimson Tide teams 18 years after he had graduated. Hubert ran and passed the 1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925 Tide teams to a 31- 6-2 record and on January 1, 1926 with Hall of Famer Johnny Mack Brown, helped 'Bama defeat Washington, 20-19, in the first Rose Bowl appearance by a southern team. That New Year's Day, in Pasadena, California; Hubert ended a career which included 35 touchdowns. In six different games he scored at least three TD's. As Alabama's field general, Pooley did practically all the team passing and his defensive prowess prompted Southern sportswriters to herald him as "the greatest defensive back ever to appear on Grant Field in Atlanta." Coach Wade testified: "Pooley was the greatest team leader and play-maker that I ever coached in my long career." Hubert was an All-Southern selection in 1924 and 1925 and, with Brown, gave the 1925 Tide a pair of outstanding All- Americans. Following his collegiate playing career Hubert coached for six seasons at Mississippi State Teachers College at Hattiesburg and for 10 years at Virginia Military. In later years, Hubert coached at Waynesboro, Georgia, High School where he owned his own business.
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