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971 with Undergraduate Degrees Receive Bonus Football Season
College football opens the door for hundreds of players to earn second diplomas.
Published: 8/2/2017 10:00:00 AM

Ohio State's J.T. Barrett and Washington State's Luke Falk are among the large number of college football players who will take the field this fall after already earning their degrees. (Photos courtesy of Ohio State Athletics and Washington State Athletics.)

IRVING, Texas (Aug. 2, 2017) – The National Football Foundation (NFF) & College Hall of Fame today released a list of 971 student-athletes who have already earned their undergraduate degrees and will be playing college football this fall while pursuing second diplomas.

“The National Football Foundation takes great pride in its role as a leading voice in the promotion of the scholar-athlete,” said NFF Chairman Archie Manning. “And highlighting the hundreds of student-athletes who have not only earned their undergraduate degrees but are now pursuing additional diplomas sends a powerful message about the doors that college football opens. This list allows us to showcase those individuals who have truly taken full advantage of the opportunities created by college football.”

The NFF complied the list with the help of athletics directors, faculty athletics representatives and sports information directors from all divisions who identified the players on their 2017 fall rosters who have already earned their undergraduate degrees. A total of 213 schools responded, creating the list of 971 student-athletes who are slated to play this year while pursuing additional diplomas. The numbers include 721 players from 125 schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), 147 players from 45 schools in the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), 78 players from 31 schools in Division II, eight players from seven schools in Division III and 17 players from five schools in the NAIA.

Northwestern and Costal Carolina identified the most graduates of any schools responding with 18 players on their 2017 rosters who are seeking a second diploma. Other schools reporting a double digit number of graduates included Cincinnati (14), Toledo (13), Alabama (12), Oregon (12), TCU (12), UCF (12), Virginia (12), Kansas State (11), Kent State (11), Maryland (11), South Florida (11), South Alabama (10), New Mexico (10), Texas Tech (10) and West Virginia (10). From the FCS, Sacred Heart has 13 players with degrees, and James Madison and Western Illinois each have 10 players. Texas A&M-Kingsville tops the divisional ranks with nine players pursuing a second degree.

“As an academic who cares about student-athlete success both on the field and in the classroom, it is tremendously exciting to know that there are more than 900 student-athletes who will be playing college football this fall who have already earned their undergraduate degrees,” said Brian Shannon, president of 1A FAR who is a law professor and the faculty athletics representative (FAR) at Texas Tech University. “1A FAR, which is an organization of the FARs at all 129 FBS colleges and universities, is proud to join with the National Football Foundation in saluting these young men who have already achieved a major milestone in their lives and have chosen to continue their education while playing their sport.”

Publishing a list of the graduates playing college football represents the latest addition to the NFF’s list of initiatives designed to promote the scholar-athlete ideal, dating back to 1959 and the launch of the highly prestigious NFF National Scholar-Athlete Awards, presented by Fidelity Investments. The NFF has distributed more than $30 million in scholarships, including $11.1 million to 828 individuals via the NFF National Scholar-Athlete Awards and another $20 million through its nationwide Chapter Network.

Other key components of the NFF efforts to promote the scholar-athlete ideal include The William V. Campbell Trophy®, presented by Fidelity Investments and displayed at its official home inside the New York Athletic Club, the NFF Faculty Salutes, presented by Fidelity Investments, the NFF Hampshire Honor Society, the NFF National High School Scholar-Athlete Awards and the NFF Scholar-Athlete Alumni Association.

“Today’s release allows us to recognize a truly exceptional group of college football players,” said NFF President & CEO Steve Hatchell. “And it expands our efforts to highlight the integral role that college football has played in the education of millions of student-athletes over the years. It is often said, college is not about the four years on campus but the next 40 years of your career. Clearly those on this list have made the most of their college experiences, and we are extremely pleased to shine a light on their accomplishments.”


Akron Warren Ball
Akron Tra’von Chapman
Akron LaVonne Gauthney
Akron Andrew Hauser
Akron Robbie Kelly
Akron Mykel Traylor-Bennett
Alabama Anthony Averett
Alabama Bradley Bozeman
Alabama Tony Brown
Alabama Hunter Bryant
Alabama Bo Grant
Alabama Shaun Dion Hamilton
Alabama J.C. Hassenauer
Alabama Vohn Keith
Alabama Derek Kief
Alabama Andy Pappanastos
Alabama Ross Pierschbacher
Alabama Levi Wallace
Appalachian State Dante Jones
Arizona   Jacob Alsadek
Arizona   Zach Green 
Arizona State Marcus Ball
Arizona State Jacom Brimhall
Arizona State Mark Cosgrove
Arizona State Alani Latu
Arizona State Grant Martinez 
Arizona State Frank Ogas
Arizona State Corey Smith
Arkansas Austin Allen
Arkansas De’Andre Coley
Arkansas Connor McPherson
Arkansas Jake Raulerson
Arkansas David Williams
Arkansas State Jonah Hill  
Arkansas State Katon Hill
Arkansas State Dee Liner
Arkansas State Chris Murray
Arkansas State Dijon Paschal
Arkansas State BlaiseTaylor
Auburn Wilson Bell
Auburn Daniel Carlson
Auburn Casey Dunn
Auburn John Franklin III
Auburn Austin Golson
Auburn Tray Matthews
Auburn Jason Smith
Auburn Tyler Stovall
Ball State Reggie McGee
Baylor Taion Sells
Baylor K.J. Smith
Baylor Anu Solomon
Baylor Ishmail Wainright 
Baylor Taylor Young
Boise State Gabe Perez
Boise State Ryan Wolpin
Boston College Charlie Callinan
Boston College Marcell Lazard
Boston College Atem Ntantang
Boston College Darius Wade
Bowling Green State Clark Clancy
Bowling Green State Ryan Hunter
Bowling Green State Tim McAuliffe
Bowling Green State Donovan Wilson
Brigham Young Gavin Fowler  
Brigham Young Jonny Linehan    
Brigham Young Keyan Norman     
Brigham Young Adam Pulsipher
Buffalo Jamarl Eiland
Buffalo Jarrett Franklin
Buffalo Demone Harris
Buffalo Glynn Molinich
California Matt Anderson
California Steven Coutts
Central Michigan Josh Cox
Central Michigan Austin Doan
Central Michigan Darwyn Kelly 
Central Michigan Shane Morris 
Charlotte Christian Asher
Charlotte Jaylen Miller
Charlotte Wolfgang Zacherl
Cincinnati Kendall Calhoun
Cincinnati Tyler Cogswell
Cincinnati Grant Coleman
Cincinnati Korey Cunningham
Cincinnati Andrew Gantz
Cincinnati Carter Jacobs
Cincinnati Lyndon Johnson
Cincinnati Jaylyin Minor
Cincinnati Chris Murphy
Cincinnati David Niehaus
Cincinnati Josh Pasley
Cincinnati Will Steur
Cincinnati Jon Vincent
Cincinnati Mark Wilson
Clemson Ryan Carter
Clemson Marcus Edmond
Clemson Pat Godfrey
Clemson DJ Greenlee
Clemson Maverick Morris
Clemson Tyrone Crowder
Clemson Justin Falcinelli
Clemson Dorian O’Daniel
Coastal Carolina Osharmar Abercrombie
Coastal Carolina Gary Bradshaw
Coastal Carolina Laquay Brown
Coastal Carolina Anthony Chesley
Coastal Carolina Nicholas Clark
Coastal Carolina Eric Church
Coastal Carolina Lorenzo D’Angelo
Coastal Carolina Dalton Demos
Coastal Carolina Dontay Hears
Coastal Carolina James Heft
Coastal Carolina Kerron Johnson
Coastal Carolina Shane Johnson
Coastal Carolina Chris Jones
Coastal Carolina Jarius Millan
Coastal Carolina Rodney Mitchell
Coastal Carolina Dwayne Price
Coastal Carolina Marcus Williamson
Coastal Carolina Austin Wilson
Colorado   Chris Graham
Colorado   Jeromy Irwin
Colorado   Gerrad Kough
Colorado   Derek McCartney
Colorado State Jakob Buys
Colorado State Deonte Clyburn
Colorado State Patrick Elsenbast
Colorado State Jordan Fogal
Colorado State Nick Stevens
Colorado State Brandon Summer
Connecticut Folorunso Fatukasi 
Connecticut Tommy Myers
Connecticut Will Rishell
Connecticut Kyle Schafenacker
Connecticut Bryant Shirreffs
Duke Parker Boehme
Duke Gabe Brandner
Duke Austin Davis
Duke Bryon Fields Jr.
Duke Evan Lisle
Duke Johnathan Lloyd
East Carolina Randall Anderson 
East Carolina Davon Grayson 
East Carolina Trevian Hicks 
East Carolina Mike Myers 
East Carolina Justin Sandifer 
East Carolina Travis Simmons
East Carolina Brandon Smith 
East Carolina Xavier Smith 
East Carolina Austin Teague
Eastern Michigan Anthony Brown 
Eastern Michigan Issac Spearman 
Florida Luke Del Rio
Florida Cristian Garcia
Florida Jordan Sherit
Florida Garrett Stephens 
Florida Johnny Townsend
Florida Malik Zaire
Florida Atlantic Greg Joseph
Florida Atlantic Ryan Rickel
Florida Atlantic Jake Stoshak 
Florida Atlantic Haiden Nagel
Florida Atlantic Jerimiah Taleni 
Florida International Pharoah McKever
Florida International AJ Sattinger 
Florida State Jamario Mathis
Florida State Bryan Lacivita
Fresno State Jimmy Camacho
Fresno State Nathan Madsen
Georgia John Atkins
Georgia Aulden Bynum
Georgia Reggie Carter
Georgia Aaron Davis
Georgia David Marvin
Georgia Cameron Nizialek
Georgia Brice Ramsey
Georgia Southern Myles Campbell
Georgia Southern Matt Flynn
Georgia Southern George Johnson, Jr.
Georgia Southern Mike Summers, Jr.
Georgia State B.J. Clay 
Georgia State DeQueszman Kelley
Georgia State Julien Laurent 
Georgia State Gabe Mobley
Georgia State Kyler Neal 
Georgia State Trey Payne
Georgia State Bryan Williams
Georgia State Daniel Zeigler
Georgia Tech Matthew Jordan 
Hawaii Isaiah Bernard 
Hawaii Penitito Faʻalologo 
Houston Linell Bonner
Houston Reggie Chevis
Houston Nomluis Fruge
Houston D’Juan Hines
Houston Ellis Jefferson
Houston Deon Mix
Houston Kyle Postma
Houston Byron Simpson
Houston Nick Thurman
Idaho Alex Boatman
Idaho Matt Linehan
Idaho Reuben Mwehla
Idaho Jacob Sannon
Idaho Isaiah Saunders
Illinois James Crawford 
Illinois Christian DiLauro 
Illinois Jaylen Dunlap 
Illinois Nate Echard 
Illinois Kendrick Foster 
Illinois Brandon Roberts
Indiana Rashard Fant
Indiana Danny Friend
Indiana Nate Hoff
Indiana Jayme Thompson
Iowa Ike Boettger
Iowa Daniel Gaffey
Iowa Parker Hesse
Iowa Drake Kulick
Iowa Matt VandeBerg
Iowa Jonathan Wisnieski
Iowa State Shawn Curtis
Iowa State Evrett Edwards
Iowa State Joel Lanning
Iowa State Bryan Larson
Iowa State Marchie Murdock
Iowa State Garrett Owens
Iowa State D'Andre Payne
Iowa State JD Waggoner
Iowa State Reggie Wilkerson
Kansas   Jacky Dezir
Kansas   Denzell Evans
Kansas   Zach Hannon
Kansas   Ben Johnson
Kansas   Kyle Pullia
Kansas   Reese Randall
Kansas   John Wirtel
Kansas State Brogan Barry
Kansas State Konnor Cook
Kansas State Jesse Ertz
Kansas State Jayd Kirby
Kansas State Matt McCrane
Kansas State Reid Najvar
Kansas State Sean Newlan
Kansas State Drew Scott
Kansas State Dayton Valentine
Kansas State Nick Walsh
Kansas State Tanner Wood
Kent State James Alexander
Kent State Matt Bahr
Kent State Dan Hillenbrand
Kent State Nick Holley 
Kent State Melran Leach
Kent State Devante Lee
Kent State Ryan Malone
Kent State Jake McVay
Kent State Nathan Puthoff
Kent State Erik Simpson
Kent State Kris White
Kentucky Drew Barker
Kentucky Dylan Greenberg
Kentucky Greg Hart
Kentucky Nick Haynes
Kentucky Jacob Hyde
Kentucky Tate Leavitt
Kentucky Courtney Love
Kentucky Austin MacGinnis
Louisiana Matthew Barnes 
Louisiana Grant Horst 
Louisiana Tyrone Posey
Louisiana Devin Scott
Louisiana at Monroe David Elias
Louisiana at Monroe Roland Jenkins
Louisiana at Monroe Caleb Tucker
Louisiana at Monroe Brian Williams
Louisiana State Danny Etling
Louisiana State Frank Herron 
Louisiana State Christian LaCouture
Louisiana State K.J. Malone
Louisiana State Jonathan Rucker
Louisiana State Corey Thompson
Louisiana Tech  Jonathan Barnes 
Louisiana Tech  Cameron Linck
Louisville Trevon Young
Louisville Stacy Thomas
Louisville Chucky Williams
Louisville Drew Bailey
Marshall Andre’ Addison 
Marshall Amoreto Curraj
Marshall Davon Durant
Marshall Sandley Jean-Felix
Marshall Tony Pittman
Marshall Kare Vedvik
Marshall D’Andre Wilson
Maryland Jalen Brooks
Maryland Chandler Burkett
Maryland Jermaine Carter, Jr.
Maryland Denzel Conyers
Maryland Adam Greene
Maryland Derrick Hayward
Maryland Andrew Isaacs
Maryland Taivon Jacobs
Maryland Kingsly Opara
Maryland J.T. Ventura
Maryland Cavon Walker
Memphis Sam Craft
Memphis Jackson Dillon
Memphis Nick Jacobs
Memphis Christian Johnson
Memphis Gabe Kuhn
Memphis Spencer Smith
Memphis Ernest Suttles
Miami (Fla.) Devonta Delaney
Miami (Ohio) Jordan Diamond 
Miami (Ohio) Randy Heideman
Michigan Greg Froelich 
Michigan Maurice Hurst 
Michigan Mike McCray
Michigan Garrett Moores 
Michigan Jack Wangler
Michigan State Sean Harrington 
Michigan State Brock Makaric 
Michigan State Devyn Salmon
Middle Tennessee State Peter Bailey
Middle Tennessee State Alex Dale
Middle Tennessee State Lucas Hamilton
Middle Tennessee State Myles Harges
Middle Tennessee State Max Linder
Middle Tennessee State Brent Stockstill
Middle Tennessee State Kamani Thomas
Middle Tennessee State Shane Tucker
Middle Tennessee State Tristan Walker
Minnesota Eric Carter 
Minnesota Justin Juenemann
Minnesota Conor Rhoda
Minnesota Ryan Santoso
Minnesota Nate Wozniak 
Mississippi   Trey Bledsoe
Mississippi   Daronte Bouldin
Mississippi   Eugene Brazley
Mississippi   Chadwick Lamar
Mississippi   Cale Luke
Mississippi   Herbert Moore
Mississippi   Tayler Polk
Mississippi   Ty Quick
Mississippi   Ray Ray Smith
Mississippi State Hunter Bradley 
Mississippi State Donald Gray 
Missouri Alec Ablen
Missouri Eric Beisel
Missouri Joseph Burkett
Missouri Marcell Frazier
Missouri J'mon Moore
Missouri Adam Ploudre
Missouri Anthony Sherrils
Nebraska Harrison Jordan
Nebraska Joel Lopez 
Nebraska Gabe Rahn 
Nevada Austin Corbett
Nevada David Cornwell
Nevada Ziad Damanhoury
Nevada Jimbo Davis
Nevada Sean Krepsz
Nevada Thomas Newton
Nevada Jaden Sawyer
Nevada Travis Wilson
New Mexico Daryl Chestnut
New Mexico Coltin Gerhart
New Mexico Jacob Girgle
New Mexico Garrett Hughes
New Mexico Lamar Jordan
New Mexico Kenneth Maxwell
New Mexico Jake Rothschiller
New Mexico Kyle Rothschiller
New Mexico Dorsett Valdez
New Mexico Johnny Williams
New Mexico State Calvin Allen
North Carolina Cam Dillard
North Carolina Brandon Harris
North Carolina Khaliel Rodgers
North Carolina Stanton Truitt
North Carolina State  Cole Cook
North Carolina State  Peter Daniel
North Carolina State  Ryan Finley
North Carolina State  Deonte Holden
North Carolina State  Dakwa Nichols
North Carolina State  Jumichael Ramos
North Carolina State  Bryan Smith
North Carolina State  Carson Wise
North Texas Andy Flusche
North Texas Charles Riley Mayfield
North Texas Colton McDonald
North Texas Chris Miles
North Texas Quinn Shanbour
North Texas Turner Smiley
North Texas Andrew Tucker
Northern Illinois Jackson Abresch
Northern Illinois Jordan Huff
Northern Illinois Bobby Jones
Northern Illinois William Lee
Northern Illinois Jonathan Parker
Northern Illinois Ty Harmston
Northern Illinois Jaden Huff
Northwestern Corey Acker
Northwestern Mohamed Alsmari
Northwestern Matt Alviti
Northwestern Jalen Brown
Northwestern Graham Bullmore
Northwestern Godwin Igwebuike
Northwestern Trey Klock
Northwestern Warren Long
Northwestern Marcus McShepard
Northwestern Hunter Niswander
Northwestern Brad North
Northwestern Luke Otto
Northwestern Kyle Queiro
Northwestern Makay Redd
Northwestern Trevor Stroebel
Northwestern Brett Walsh
Northwestern Keith Watkins III
Northwestern Macan Wilson
Notre Dame Hunter Bivin
Notre Dame Mike McGlinchey
Notre Dame Durham Smythe
Ohio Wyatt Shallman
Ohio State J.T. Barrett 
Ohio State Tyquan Lewis 
Ohio State Billy Price 
Ohio State Tracy Sprinkle 
Oklahoma   Jeff Badet
Oklahoma   Baker Mayfield
Oklahoma   Jordan Smallwood
Oklahoma   Jaxon Uhles
Oklahoma   D.J. Ward
Oklahoma   Erick Wren
Oklahoma State Adrian Baker 
Oklahoma State Aaron Cochran 
Oklahoma State Tre Flowers
Oklahoma State Vili Leveni 
Oklahoma State Chad Whitener 
Old Dominion Josh Marriner
Old Dominion Bunmi Rotimi
Old Dominion Rob Thompson
Old Dominion DeAndre Woods
Oregon Taylor Alie  
Oregon Kani Benoit  
Oregon Doug Brenner 
Oregon Tanner Carew
Oregon Royce Freeman
Oregon Ivan Faulhaber 
Oregon Elijah George 
Oregon Ty Griffin
Oregon Charles Nelson
Oregon Henry Mondeaux
Oregon Tyree Robinson 
Oregon Juwaan Williams
Oregon State Brandon Arnold
Penn State Cody Hodgens
Penn State DaeSean Hamilton
Penn State Daniel Pasquariello
Penn State Brandon Smith
Penn State Andrew Nelson
Pittsburgh Nathan Bossory 
Pittsburgh Max Browne 
Pittsburgh Devon Edwards
Pittsburgh Matt Flanagan 
Pittsburgh Jaryd Jones-Smith 
Pittsburgh Colton Lively 
Pittsburgh Alex Officer 
Pittsburgh Jester Weah 
Pittsburgh Ryan Winslow 
Purdue Shane Evans
Purdue Danny Ezechukwu
Purdue Corey Holmes
Purdue Garrett  Hudson
Purdue Da’Wan Hunte
Purdue Race Johnson
Purdue T.J. McCollum
Purdue Josh Okonye
Purdue David Steinmetz
Rice DJ Green
Rice Parker Smith
Rice Cole Thomas
Rutgers Zach Allen
Rutgers Ryan Anderson
Rutgers Kyle Bolin
Rutgers Ross Douglas
Rutgers Gus Edwards
Rutgers Andrew Harte
Rutgers Sebastian Joseph
Rutgers Damon Mitchell 
Rutgers Robert Nittolo
San Diego State David Wells
San Diego State Trey Lomax
San Diego State   Tyler Morris
San José State  Jeremiah Kolone
San José State  Will Ossai
South Alabama Tre Alford 
South Alabama Raphael Barr 
South Alabama Cole Garvin 
South Alabama Jimmie Gipson 
South Alabama Alfred Jenkins 
South Alabama Quinton Lane 
South Alabama Harrison Louden 
South Alabama Finesse Middleton
South Alabama Carlos Robinson 
South Alabama Darrell Songy
South Carolina Ulric Jones
South Carolina Skai Moore
South Carolina DJ Park
South Carolina Dante Sawyer
South Florida Devin Abraham
South Florida Spencer Adkinson
South Florida Temi Alaka
South Florida Bruce Hector
South Florida Mike Love
South Florida Emilio Nadelman
South Florida Cameron Ruff 
South Florida Auggie Sanchez
South Florida Deadrin Senat
South Florida Darius Tice
South Florida Marquez Valdes-Scantling
Southern California Jordan Austin
Southern California Kevin Carrasco
Southern California Malik Dorton
Southern California Chris Hawkins
Southern California Corbin Jountti 
Southern California Steven Mitchell
Southern Methodist Evan Brown
Southern Methodist Raymond Epps
Southern Methodist Mason Gentry
Southern Methodist Will Hopkins
Southern Methodist Nick Horton
Southern Methodist Cedric Lancaster
Southern Methodist Justin Lawler
Southern Methodist Anthony Rhone
Southern Mississippi Devin Farrior
Southern Mississippi Duncan Sparks
Southern Mississippi Kevin Williams, Jr.
Stanford Ryan Burns
Stanford Kevin Palma
Syracuse Sean Avant 
Syracuse Devin M. Butler
Syracuse Adly Enoicy 
Syracuse Alex Grossman
Syracuse Cordell Hudson 
Syracuse Zack Mahoney 
Syracuse Jordan Martin
Syracuse Austin Valdez
Temple Cole Boozer
Temple Brian Carter
Temple Sharif Finch
Temple Artrel Foster
Temple Leon Johnson
Temple Mike Jones
Temple Keith Kirkwood
Temple Adrian Sullivan
Temple Jullian Taylor 
Tennessee Thomas Edwards
Tennessee Jakob Johnson
Tennessee Brett Kendrick
Tennessee Kendal Vickers
Tennessee Shaq Wiggins
Texas Antwuan Davis
Texas Jake McMillon
Texas Kendall Moore
Texas A&M Kalvin Cline
Texas A&M Christian Daimler 
Texas A&M Tanner Schorp
Texas A&M Shane Tripucka
Texas at El Paso Derek Elmendorff
Texas at El Paso Alvin Jones
Texas at El Paso Sky Logan
Texas at El Paso Brandon Moss
Texas at El Paso Sterling Napier
Texas at El Paso Erik Ramirez
Texas at San Antonio Dannon Cavil
Texas at San Antonio Reed Darragh
Texas at San Antonio Brady Jones
Texas at San Antonio Daniel Portillo
Texas at San Antonio Austin Pratt
Texas at San Antonio Richard Turner
Texas at San Antonio Shaq Williams
Texas Christian Garrett Altman
Texas Christian John Diarse
Texas Christian Michael Downing
Texas Christian Lucas Gravelle
Texas Christian Cole Hunt
Texas Christian Garrett Kaufman
Texas Christian Patrick Morris
Texas Christian Joseph Noteboom
Texas Christian Charles Reid
Texas Christian Ty Slanina
Texas Christian Ranthony Texada
Texas Christian Daniel Walsh
Texas State Jeff Banks
Texas State Louis Rubin
Texas State Damian Williams
Texas Tech Zach Austin
Texas Tech Kisean Allen
Texas Tech Zach Barnes
Texas Tech Cameron Batson
Texas Tech Dylan Cantrell
Texas Tech Payton Hendrix
Texas Tech Dwayne Johnson 
Texas Tech Tony Morales
Texas Tech Talor Nunez
Texas Tech Caleb Woodward
Toledo Liam Allen
Toledo Daniel Davis
Toledo Kennedy Frazier
Toledo Nate Jeppesen
Toledo Malik Jones
Toledo Michael Julian
Toledo Sami Kassem
Toledo Jack Linch
Toledo Marquise Moore
Toledo Brad Spelman
Toledo Samuel Vucelich
Toledo Brant Weiss
Toledo Logan Woodside
Troy Jalen Harris
Troy Bryan Slater
Troy Brandon Silvers
Troy Seth Calloway
Troy Kelan Chairs
Troy Jamal Stadom
Tulane Ade Aruna
Tulane Quinlan Carroll
Tulane Luke Jackson   
Tulane John Leglue
Tulsa Jesse Brubaker
Tulsa Jake Hanks
Tulsa Rob Riederer
Tulsa Rowdy Simon
Tulsa Craig Suits
Tulsa Zac Uhles
UCF Chequan Burkett
UCF Pete Dinovo
UCF Aaron Evans
UCF Shaquem Griffin
UCF Tony Guerad
UCF Case Harrison
UCF Tate Hernly
UCF Christopher Johnson
UCF Seyvon Lowry
UCF Luke Palmer
UCF Charles Sprenkel
UCF Michael Willett
UCLA Sunny Odogwu
UMass Bryton Barr
UMass Nicholas Berus
UMass Adam Breneman
UMass Steven Casali
UMass Conner Lemieux
UMass Jesse Monteiro
UNLV Kurt Palandech
UNLV Kyle Saxelid
UNLV Antonio Zepeda
Utah   Siale Fakailoatonga
Utah   Kylie Fitts
Utah   Harrison Handley
Utah   Marcus Sanders-Williams
Utah   Sunia Tauteoli
Utah   Leka Uhatafe
Utah   Alex Whittingham
Utah State Zach Van Leeuwen
Vanderbilt Tommy Openshaw
Vanderbilt Scott Sypniewski
Vanderbilt Ryan White
Virginia Kurt Benkert
Virginia Malcolm Cook
Virginia Jack English
Virginia Daniel Hamm
Virginia Kirk Garner
Virginia Tim Harris
Virginia Micah Kiser
Virginia Andre Levrone
Virginia Jack McDonald
Virginia John Montelus
Virginia Brandon Pertile
Virginia Jack Powers
Virginia Tech Kyle Chung
Virginia Tech Brandon Facyson
Virginia Tech Sean Huelskamp
Virginia Tech Parker Osterloh
Virginia Tech Colt Pettit 
Virginia Tech Anthony Shegog
Virginia Tech Colton Taylor
Washington David Ajamu
Washington Sean Constantine
Washington Andrew Kirkland 
Washington Connor O’Brien 
Washington Coleman Shelton 
Washington Azeem Victor
Washington State Nick Begg
Washington State Luke Falk 
Washington State Robert Lewis 
Washington State Jamal Morrow 
West Virginia Hodari Christian
West Virginia Jonathan Lewis
West Virginia Grant Lingafelter
West Virginia Nicholas Meadows
West Virginia Mike Molina 
West Virginia Ricky Rogers 
West Virginia Ka’Raun White 
West Virginia Corey Winfield
West Virginia Al-Rasheed Benton
West Virginia Kyle Bosch
Western Kentucky Leon Allen
Western Kentucky Daeshawn Bertram
Western Kentucky Matt Nord
Western Kentucky Brandon Ray
Western Kentucky Tanner Reeves
Western Kentucky Marcus Ward
Western Kentucky Mike White
Western Michigan Elliot Oldham
Wisconsin Garret Dooley
Wisconsin Rachid Ibrahim
Wyoming Tim Kamana
Wyoming Trevor Meader
Campbell Scott Miller
Charleston Southern Jackson Williamson
Dayton Jack Crain
Delaware Blaine Woodson 
Delaware Jalen Kindle 
Delaware Kyle Yocum
Delaware Tommy Wilmoth 
Duquesne Adam Clopton
Duquesne Carter Henderson
Duquesne Tommy Stuart
Eastern Illinois Addison Bounds
Eastern Illinois AJ Hantak
Eastern Kentucky Jeffrey Canady 
Eastern Kentucky Tim Boyle 
Elon Chris Blair
Elon Dondre Howell
Elon Graham Albright 
Elon Ikenna Nwokeji
Elon Nick Groll
Fordham Kevin Anderson 
Fordham Manny Adeyeye 
Hampton Brandon Cox
Hampton Brendan Cole
Houston Baptist Cody Moncure
Houston Baptist Taylor Thompson
Howard Richard Johnson
Idaho State Micah Breland 
Illinois State George Hoselton 
Illinois State Jalen Banks 
Illinois State Matt Swaine 
Illinois State Tyler Brown 
James Madison Aaron Stinnie
James Madison AJ Bolden
James Madison Andrew Ankrah
James Madison Brett Siegel
James Madison Cardon Johnson
James Madison Jordan Brown
James Madison Kyre Hawkins
James Madison Nick Edwards
James Madison Simeyon Robinson
James Madison Terrence Alls
Liberty Dia’Vante Brown 
Liberty Hunter Winstead
Liberty Michael Henderman
Liberty Solomon McGinty 
Liberty Trey Turner
Maine Ben Davis 
Maine Mike Supp 
Maine Tayvon Hall 
McNeese State Andy Dodd
McNeese State Ed Duplessis
McNeese State Jalen Bowers
McNeese State Jammerio Gross-Whitaker
McNeese State Joe Lissard
Missouri State Chris Cacciarelli
Missouri State Darius Daniel
Missouri State Erik Furmanek
Monmouth Anthony Smith 
Monmouth Matt Stoneberg 
Monmouth Robbie Cantelli 
Montana Cooper Sprunk 
Montana Mick Delaney 
Montana Mike Ralston 
Murray State Zach Shipley
New Hampshire Nick Marino
Norfolk State Shakeem Copeland
Norfolk State Demetreus Ferebee
North Carolina Central Chris Burton
North Carolina Central Jaquan Smith 
North Carolina Central Jordan Finnateau 
North Dakota Jake Disterhaupt 
North Dakota State Bryce Messner
North Dakota State Jackson Koonce
North Dakota State James Fisher
North Dakota State Zack Ziemer
Northern Arizona Clarence Smith
Northern Arizona Gerrit Groenewold
Northern Arizona Spencer Havrit 
Northern Arizona Wallace Gonzalez 
Portland State Darnell Adams 
Portland State De'Sean Parsons 
Rhode Island Tyler Harris
Robert Morris Andrew Smigiera
Robert Morris Reginald Green
Robert Morris Zack Zamiska
Sacramento State Austin Clark 
Sacramento State Jonathan Bade
Sacramento State Joseph Ajeigbe
Sacramento State Stone Sander
Sacred Heart Brad Tiernan
Sacred Heart Brett Polinsky
Sacred Heart Delvon Artis
Sacred Heart Jeffrey Peras, Jr.
Sacred Heart Kevin Barry
Sacred Heart Lawrence Nembhard
Sacred Heart Marquis Harper
Sacred Heart Mustapha Noibi
Sacred Heart Ose Imeokparia
Sacred Heart Robert Steffe
Sacred Heart Sean Merrill
Sacred Heart Sean Peters
Sacred Heart Tim Johnson
Sam Houston State P.J. Giddens
Sam Houston State Ragan Henderson
Southern Illinois Hans Carmien
Southern Illinois Javon Webster
Southern Utah Kyle Anderson
Southern Utah Taylor Nelson
Southern Utah Tannon Pedersen
Stetson Austin Tyrrell
Stetson Dre Long
Stetson Eddie Curry
Stetson Jeb Boudreaux
Stetson Shayne White
Tennessee at Chattanooga Alexander Hooper
Tennessee at Chattanooga Brandon Jordan
Tennessee at Chattanooga Darrell Bridges
Tennessee at Chattanooga Josh Cardiello
Tennessee State Christian Morris
Tennessee State Ebenzer Ogundeko           
Tennessee State Justin North                    
Tennessee Tech Charles Rutledge
Tennessee Tech Dontez Byrd
Tennessee Tech Mike Cain 
The Citadel Benjamin Roberts
The Citadel Cam Jackson
The Citadel Jalen Stevens
The Citadel Tyus Carter
Villanova John Hinchen 
Villanova Matt Donoghue 
Villanova Trey Johnson
Western Carolina Daniel Riddle
Western Carolina Steffon Hill
Western Carolina Tanner Poindexter
Western Illinois Brett Taylor 
Western Illinois Colin Olson 
Western Illinois Jacob Judd 
Western Illinois Jarid Brown
Western Illinois Jordan Detweiler
Western Illinois Josh Baldus
Western Illinois Lucas Holder
Western Illinois Mick Nelson
Western Illinois Tony Harper
Western Illinois Troy Dunkelberger
William & Mary Aaron Swinton
William & Mary Daniel Kuzjak
William & Mary Jesse Anderson
Angelo State (Texas) Adrian Dilworth
Angelo State (Texas) Josh Lewis
Carson-Newman (Tenn.) Darvia DuBose
Carson-Newman (Tenn.) Jonathan Mason
Carson-Newman (Tenn.) Lonnie Williams
Catawba (N.C.) Trey Evans
Central Oklahoma Jacob Gandara
Central Oklahoma Johnathan Preston
Central Oklahoma Chas Stallard
Chowan (N.C.) Randall Dixon
Colorado School of Mines Jared Cooper
Colorado School of Mines Zach Guy
Colorado School of Mines Cody Huffmeister
Colorado School of Mines Colin Peter
Concord (W.Va.) Chaudlier Shepherd
Eastern New Mexico Josh Bongiovanni
Eastern New Mexico Chaunce Hill
Eastern New Mexico Rick Ornelas
Eastern New Mexico D'Maujeric Tucker
Emporia State (Kan.) Marcus Houghton
Ferris State (Mich.) Nick Huckabay
Florida Tech  Joshua Denton
Florida Tech  Demetris Frazier
Florida Tech  Gary Holmes
Florida Tech  David Howell
Gannon (Pa.) Brandon Mansell
Grand Valley State (Mich.) Ethan Cartazzo
Grand Valley State (Mich.) Nick Keizer
Grand Valley State (Mich.) Cody Moore
Grand Valley State (Mich.) Bart Williams
Harding (Ark.) Michael Gragg
Henderson State (Ark.) Sam Johnson
Henderson State (Ark.) John Laubacher
Henderson State (Ark.) A.J. Smith
Henderson State (Ark.) Logan Warlick
Indianapolis (Ind.) Brad Schickel
Indianapolis (Ind.) Andrew Walker
Lindenwood (Mo.) Derik Abbott
Lindenwood (Mo.) Nick Granberry
Lindenwood (Mo.) Ace Rogers
Lock Haven (Pa.) Trent Fielding
Malone (Ohio) Brenson Ennis
Malone (Ohio) Jonathan Zimmerly
Minot State (N.D.) Zac Cunha
Minot State (N.D.) Taylor Maloney
Minot State (N.D.) Brody Myers
Minot State (N.D.) Donnell Vercher
Nebraska-Kearney David Squiers
Northern State (S.D.) Zachery Barber
Ohio Dominican Austin Ernst
Ohio Dominican Andrew Lorenz
Ohio Dominican Brandon Schoen
Ohio Dominican Cole Tameris
Ohio Dominican Zack Williams
Ouachita Baptist (Ark.) Austin Warford
Shepherd (W.Va.) Nick Barmoy
Shippensburg (Pa.) Colin McDermott
Slippery Rock (Pa.) Delmar Henderson
Slippery Rock (Pa.) Zach Madden
Slippery Rock (Pa.) Ian Park
Texas A&M-Kingsville Josh Bowman
Texas A&M-Kingsville Tommy Chavez
Texas A&M-Kingsville BJ Ebozue
Texas A&M-Kingsville Tre Oliver
Texas A&M-Kingsville Braedon Robinson
Texas A&M-Kingsville Ralph Rubalcaba
Texas A&M-Kingsville Stuart Sanchez
Texas A&M-Kingsville Connor Smith
Texas A&M-Kingsville Jake Wallace
Tiffin (Ohio) Roamelle Bell
Tiffin (Ohio) Vinny Jones
Tiffin (Ohio) Azel Mitchel
Tiffin (Ohio) Jamar Randolph
Tiffin (Ohio) Jalen Santoro
Tiffin (Ohio) Tony Shead
Urbana (Ohio) Wilky Orelien
Urbana (Ohio) Colon Wright
Wingate (N.C.) Cabell Cantrell
Carroll (Wisc.) Taylor Plehn
Carroll (Wisc.) Noah Strasser
East Texas Baptist Ryan Travis
Olivet (Mich.) Ryan Anderson
Plymouth State (N.H.) Zach Ziemba
Trinity (Conn.) Matt Hirshman
Widener (Pa.) Montrell Hick-Taylor
Wisconsin-Eau Claire JT DenHartog
Cumberland (Tenn.) David Allen
Cumberland (Tenn.) Matthew Alter
Cumberland (Tenn.) Alex Campagne
Cumberland (Tenn.) Pablo Dongarra Travecedo
Cumberland (Tenn.) Caleb Limbaugh
Kansas Wesleyan Avrius Brown
Kansas Wesleyan Greg Jones
Kansas Wesleyan Nate Ocran
Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) Dylan Beasley
Southeastern (Fla.) Raleigh Alexander
Southeastern (Fla.) Clifton Dilworth
Southeastern (Fla.) Dimitri Lindsay
Southeastern (Fla.) Augie Schmidt
Southeastern (Fla.) Colin Thomas
St. Francis (Ill.) Don Butkus
St. Francis (Ill.) Jean Pietrzak
St. Francis (Ill.) Jarrell Williams

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