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April, 2013

EXCLUSIVELY to Monday's Chalktalk Rogers Redding, the national coordinator of College Football Officiating, provides insights about rules changes and the mindset of college football referees. The CFO is the national professional organization for all football officials who work games at the collegiate level.

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The NFF and Pop Warner Little Scholars have partnered to promote participation, health and safety, academic achievement, and the community involvement of the young athletes who play football. Pop Warner Executive Director Jon Butler provides items of interest related to the partnership.

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By Stephanie Dattilo Taylor (A former and ABC Sports writer and researcher who now works as corporate lawyer, Taylor founded in 2010 to educate newfound fans on the basics of the game and enhance the knowledge of long-time fans. The NFF periodically reproduces her reports, helping further her mission of creating a greater understanding of the game.) Read the rest of entry »

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By L.A. Byrne (A member of the NFF Morris Country Chapter, Laura Byrne wrote the following blog after attending the organization’s 19th Annual Scholar-Athlete Awards Banquet April 17, 2013.)

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