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October, 2012

Rogers Redding, the national coordinator of College Football Officiating, provides insights about rules changes and the mindset of college football referees. The CFO is the national professional organization for all football officials who work games at the collegiate level. Fans and the media often ask what a typical game weekend is like for college football officials.  Many people have the impression that the seven guys in striped shirts meet at the stadium just before kickoff, shake hands with each other, and take the field to officiate the game.  In reality, of course, there is a considerable amount of planning and preparation.  In this column, we take a brief look at how the officials get ready for a Saturday game. The crew arrives at the game city on Friday evening.  They will usually join the coordinator of officials of their conference at the hotel for dinner and an evening film session.  Part of their preparation is to review a video of the game they worked the previous week ... Read the rest of entry »

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Verne Lundquist, the popular CBS play-by-play announcer, who will call next week's Georgia-Florida game, has been around. But the changing of landscapes - owing to the changing of addresses by his father, a Lutheran minister, and his work as a national network broadcaster - has not changed the likable announcer. A genial sort, Verne ranks his many and varied friends as important as the memorable games and events he has covered during his versatile career. He has a remarkable recall of places and people, ever the raconteur with a penchant for good humor. Take, for instance, the time he not only had to share a room, but also a bed with his friend Blackie Sherrod, columnist for the Dallas Morning News. "Be careful how you explain that," he interrupted a note-taking friend one night last week at dinner at the Ocean Prime Restaurant in Atlanta. But back to the story. Verne and Sherrod were among several Dallas-area media guys invited to Europe by the late Lamar Hunt, founder of the American Football League, f ... Read the rest of entry »

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Kathryn Kimmell, a 2012 intern at the NFF Headquarters in Irving, Texas, and a member of the Notre Dame marching band, shares her thoughts on her part in the school's historic trip to play Navy in Ireland in September 2012. A few weeks I go I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel to Dublin, Ireland with the Notre Dame band to support the Fighting Irish football team. From the welcoming Irish people to the exciting football game, this weekend was one that I will never forget. Upon our arrival in Dublin, we were given only a few hours of free time before we had to begin rehearsal for the pep rally that was held at the O2 Lounge. All around the streets of downtown there were banners for the game, and even though it was a home game for Navy, there seemed to be a few more Irish fans. All of the Temple Bar district was reserved for an Irish tailgate on Saturday before the game. On Friday, we rehearsed from 10:00 a.m. up until the pep rally which began in the late evening. The atmosphere of th ... Read the rest of entry »

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