Rogers Redding, the national coordinator of College Football Officiating, provides insights about rules changes and the mindset of college football referees. The CFO is the national professional organization for all football officials who work games at the collegiate level.

The BCS national championship game on January 7 marked the close of the college football season.  Although that event is only a few weeks behind us, the officiating community is already starting to gear up for the 2013 season.  The NCAA football rules committee will meet in mid-February to make decisions about rules changes and points of emphasis, and the safety of the players is sure to remain an important topic for those conversations.

To begin our preparation for next season the coordinators of football officials in the Division I conferences held their annual winter meeting last week, hosted by the National Football Foundation at its offices in Irving, Texas.  High on the list of topics discussed were potential new rules that the group will recommend to the rules committee. The coordinators also spent considerable time looking at video, discussing play situations, making plans for clinics, and brainstorming ways of offering more opportunities for minority officials. 

A special note of thanks goes to the NFF folks for their great work in hosting this meeting, which signals good progress as the relationship between college football officials and the Foundation moves forward.

Once the rules committee has made the changes for 2013 the coordinators and officials will be busy with clinics, local study groups and other means of learning the new rules and how they are to be administered.  Practices and spring games at colleges and universities are not far off, and preparation for the new season will be in full swing.